Lisa Merollo-Maddock

Lisa Merollo-Maddock

Certified Health Coach

I have been married to my husband Bob for 26 years and have four children. Madalyn 24, Savannah 21. Justus 17 and Canton 14. I was born in WI where I spent my early years and lived in FL from middle school until adulthood. Myself, my husband, Bob, and Madalyn moved to MO from FL in 2000.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

I hold an Associate in Early Childhood Education and an American Montessori Society Credential. I have been certified through several state and local certifications for Child Care. Where I used this knowledge to teach outside of the home and then homeschooled my children’s own early education. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 20+ years, during this time I had a significant health crisis being diagnosed with several chronic diseases. In 2004 I found the Juice Plus+ products that later became the company I aligned with to serve many people with their health and wealth. This is also where I was introduced to Dr. William Sears and became a Certified Health Coach through his Wellness Institute. I am passionate about helping others avoid and reverse disease as I have done and live in their God-given optimal health, spirit, soul, and body.

Being an educator at heart I am certified as a paraprofessional where I worked directly with special needs kids. I also hold a Rhema Correspondance Bible School Diploma. Another passion of mine is to grow the Tower Gardens and teach nutrition classes weekly with two local, faith-based addiction recovery homes. I feel like my background and education pulls everything together in this area to serve well.

Lisa is a great coach and teacher! She’s really helped me and my children feel more empowered to make good food choices. My littles even point out which foods are “green light” and which ones are “red light”. I love to hear my 5-year-old say, “Mom, I just want to eat healthy!” Lisa is great support, and I highly recommend her!

Megan Dyer

Mom of 7 and Owner of Prosper Media