Lisa has been an incredible support on my health journey. I’ve been grateful for her support and wisdom, especially in the early years of my journey!
Leah Schitter

Mom of 4 & Founder of The Wholeness Project

Lisa’s been an amazing health coach! She keeps me accountable and encourages me to do better. She’s positive and helps you to see the good in everything. My kids have learned a lot from her as well and she is wonderful with children. She truly cares about our health and will take the time out to help. I enjoy being around Lisa and look forward to hanging out with her more!
Julie Olle

Mom of 3 Pet sitter, master gardener

Lisa is the woman to see if you are looking to improve your health and vitality. She has the knowledge and know-how to assist you with life-changing behaviors.
April Bryant

Mom of 1 and part owner of Fast Bryant Consulting

Very dedicated and detail-oriented. Lisa counseled us through our first Shred10 and answered all our questions. She really does look out for your best interests.
Kim Moore

Mom of 2 and Pastors wife

Lisa is one of those bright shining stars in one’s life that has the amazing ability to coach, listen, advise, and share her knowledge in so many areas when it comes health and wellness. I can go to Lisa about health and wellness, life situations, Jesus Christ, marriage, children, and family. The list goes on! My kids even know and love Lisa! Lisa taught my children about Traffic Light Eating, they loved it!! This was a great way to show them how to choose their foods wisely. I know I can go to Lisa at anytime to talk about anything. I am truly happy to have you in my life!

Kellie Morgan

Mom of 2 & Director of Growing Tree Pre-school

Lisa is a great coach and teacher! She’s really helped me and my children feel more empowered to make good food choices. My littles even point out which foods are “green light” and which ones are “red light”. I love to hear my 5-year-old say, “Mom, I just want to eat healthy!” Lisa is great support, and I highly recommend her!

Megan Dyer

Mom of 7 and Owner of Prosper Media

Lisa has been such an inspiration and wonderful health couch for my family and I. Now we make better choices for what we add to our daily snacks and meals. My kids love to say, “Mom, look at the ingredients” every time they go shopping with me! My kids & myself Absolutely love being around her, She is so positive and She makes everything so fun but also keeps them focused on learning about how important it is to stay healthy. She has a 5 star✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️ rating from us! Thank You, Lisa!
Samantha, Zoey & Steven

Mom of 2 & Owner of Cleaning Business

“Miss Lisa” is a staple in our life. My 3-year old prays for her every night and at every meal. My kids ask every time we go to church if Miss Lisa will be there. They all have fond memories and feelings for her because of the love she’s shown as a caregiver at church and as a health coach in our life. They know traffic light eating. They know what’s “red light, yellow light or green light” food, which is so helpful as we encourage healthy eating on a daily basis. These past 8 years of having Miss Lisa in our lives have been such a blessing. Before her, a healthy lifestyle was a dream. With her in our lives, a healthy lifestyle is our reality. We love you Miss Lisa!
Rachel Meyer

Mom of 4 & Speech Pathologist

I’ve known Lisa for over fifteen years and she has been a tremendous support to me on my health journey. She overcame her own health challenges, which is why she is so passionate about healthy living and wants the best for everyone. She is very knowledgeable about health and wellness topics; she genuinely cares for people; she’s dedicated and consistent as a coach and mentor; and she serves as an enthusiastic cheerleader during the journey! Not only has she made a difference in my health, but her work has impacted the health of my entire family! I am grateful for her as a friend, coach and mentor! 

Marla Travis

Mom of 3 & retired science teacher